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PTE Institute in Abohar – The PTE Academic exam is a computer-based English language examination that lots of universities approve worldwide. Students and hopefuls who want to study abroad or immigrate to a major English-speaking country must take the PTE Academic exam to demonstrate their English language skills. The three-hour computer-based test focuses on everyday English rather than high-level English. It assesses a student’s ability to understand the language as it is spoken on a daily basis. The multi-level grading system allows a better grasp of a student’s English language skills.

If you want to take PTE Classes in Abohar, Alisha Ielts is the right team to seek help. We foster your skills for your PTE exam with the help of exceptional personnel and well-qualified trainers, ensuring that you pass with flying colors. We provide you with a memorable experience of top PTE Coaching in Abohar in our well-equipped coaching rooms with all requisites. Our Pearson PTE certified associate trainers employ various strategies so that you may easily understand PTE tips & tricks to crack the exam with desired band scores, as PTE has become the most popular language proficiency, assessment model. We are located in the heart of Abohar, so even if you reside on the city’s outskirts, such as Malout or Sri Ganganagar, you can easily reach us.

Choose Alisha Ielts – The Most Trusted PTE Institute In Abohar

Being the synonym for the leading PTE coaching in Abohar, we at Alisha Ielts are working very hard to help all the aspirants coming to us to excel their english skills so that it becomes easy for them to reach their dreams. New ways will get opened for you via which you can go abroad after giving the Pearson Test of English. There are several coaching institutes available in the city beautiful but what makes Alisha Ielts different from them is the wide teaching experircen that we have collected till now.

What we focus upon is to give each and every candidate our ours equal attention span so that they can with ease reach new heights of success. Being an entrance exam that is acceptable on a worldwide basis, clearing it with flying colors will for sure increase your chances of going to some of the most well recognized english speaking nations such as such as Australia, England, Canada and much more. Have a look at the following points that how we offer the best PTE Coaching in Abohar. Take a look at features that makes us the best PTE center in Abohar:

    • The PTE Coaching program we offer is fully customizable

    • Every PTE student here gets an individual PC

    • Properly furnished lab with smart classroom amenities

    • Wi-Fi facility available for test practice

    • Well researched as well as a predictive questionnaire of PTE

    • Best study resources and PTE score booster books are provided as a complement

    • Pearson PTE certified and highly experienced PTE trainers

    • Feedback about student performance is duly given on time

    • Weak students get a dedicated mentor for personalized attention

    • The batch size is kept small to meet the needs

    • Each week new batches are scheduled

    • Best score enhancement instructions for every trainee

    • Fast-paced coaching for 1-month trainees


Highly Experined Staff To Make You Perfect Where You Lack the Most

We are a house of the best faculties. The faculty serves as a coach and mentor, and half of one’s success is determined by the quality of lessons received from educators and the methodology employed to teach the topics. We have a staff of highly experienced and prepared faculty who help you ace your tests with authentic bits of knowledge for exams like PTE. Besides this, get the best after-class assistance with Alisha Ielts.

Our highly trained faculty believes in delivering result-oriented training to help our students excel in their PTE tests. Our redefined training structure makes us the top team for PTE coaching in Abohar. Our educators will be pleased to assist you if you need expert coaching and support after class or when undertaking self-study at home. We are a group of diligent team members providing post-class support via e-mail, online, and one-on-one sessions. If a student misses a class session, they might seek the help of the educators to make up for the lost material.

Our primary goal in providing the Best PTE tutoring in Abohar is to help students achieve the highest possible band scores on the PTE exam. Our instructors follow the guidelines and create a study curriculum that is tailored to the needs of each student’s requirements. Our teaching staff uses their experience to evaluate each student’s weak areas and begin working on them so that they can convert their weaknesses into their strengths and create a comprehensive study plan.

What is PTE and Why it is Preffered for Immigration Purpose

PTE stands for Pearson Test of English and it is an exam that is an exam accepted for study applications of academic programs. It basically measures the candidates english speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in just a single, and short test. It is a two-hour test taken via computer for which frequent test dates are available. Taking and clearing PTE Academic will open doors to 3,000+ universities, colleges, and professional bodies at a global level. Some of the most well knonw names in this list are Oxford University, Harvard Business School, and Macquarie University and much more.

More than 350 test centers are established in 117 countries in order to make it convenient for the aspirants to give and clear it. This allows the candidate to give frequent tests taking place throughout the year with ease. The PTE exam is distributed in three parts i.e, 1st part-Speaking & Writing, 2nd part-reading, 3rd part-listening. Every year tens of thousands of people give the PTE exam that helps them to prove their English proficiency that further aids them to reach their dream life.

At Alisha Ielts, the most recent style of PTE Coaching is completely focused on the enabling skills on the basis of which the students will be judged during their exams. The skills include:

    1. Oral Fluency

    1. Pronunciation

    1. Grammar Skills

    1. Written Discourse

    1. Punctuations

    1. Spelling Errors


A Brief Requirements for Criteria for Enterance

To appear for the exams, the student has to be at least of 16 years of age and must carry their passport to the examination centre. PTE testing centres may be found in practically every major city, including Chandigarh, which is fast becoming a focal location for PTE institutes. The best thing about this language competence test is that it is available in multiple slots every day of the week. The PTE test is administered on a computer since it is a computer-based test that assesses a person’s abilities in four areas: speaking, writing, reading, and listening.

At Alisha Ielts, we hold ourselves responsible for obtaining the best training materials that meet everyone’s needs as well as their intellectual level without jeopardising their confidence or comfort zone. To maintain such high standards, the course is equipped with the most up-to-date AI-based tools and audio and visual representations that may fully explain a learner’s notions.

Besides developing skills, our experts keep a close eye on clearing the basic concepts for our students.

What We Have To Offer Being The First Choice For Taking PTE Classes In Abohar?

Serving people since the year 2009 itself tells that why one must choose us over other coaching centres in Abohar. Still we have done a lot in order to make sure that the place that Abohar holds being the well-known education hub stands still. Going and studying abroad is still a dream for many and it can turn true in just a very short span of time if you will join hands with the best PTE coaching in Abohar.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us so that the aspiration that you have to study overseas can come to life very soon. Enrolling and excelling in the PTE exam will become so easy for you if you will take the assistance of the expert tutors that are headed by us. Regular and strategic made training sessions are taken by our side that allows us to become a leader in the coaching line for PTE exam in Abohar.

We at Alisha Ielts believe in holistic development. Thus, we have a cutting-edge infrastructure with computers for each student and a headphone-based listening system to help students get real-time experience while training. These are the factors that also make us the finest PTE institute in Abohar.

Mode Of Teaching Adopted By Alisha Ielts For Coaching PTE Aspirants In Abohar

As all the tutors and experts here at Alisha Ielts remain fully updated with the going trend in the industry. One of the main aims that we have is to add life to a lifetime of learning for all those who come to us for attaining and increasing their proficiency in the English language. Believing in the approach that every learning opportunity is a potential chance for a personal breakthrough in everyone’s life, all of our efforts are directed.

The working systems and the equipment that we have at our are fully updated so that the candidates can properly learn and grasp each and every concept that we make them learn. Plus as the PTE exam consider the overall English skills of an individual and not just that of British or American ones, the same concept is kept in mind by us so that we can serve the aspirants in a very well-planned manner.

Following are the parts that we especially focus upon as they are the ones on the basis of which students will be judged during their exams:

    • Oral Fluency: In it the candidate is helped to read aloud, repeat sentences, describe an image, and re-tell the lecture question types.

    • Pronunciation: Under it speaking just like a native speaker of English isn’t required as one just needs to use a pronunciation that can be understood by a regular speaker of English.

    • Grammar Skills: Being one of the most crucial six enabling skills of the PTE test, excelling in it is equally important as it is in other skills. One must make sure to make proper use of subject-verb disagreement, lack of plural -S in plural nouns, and third-person singular in the simple present tense.

    • Written Discourse: Proper coherence skills with logical implementations of the linguistic resource are to be used by the candidate in order to convey a proper meaning of a sentence.

    • Punctuations: Various kinds of marks such as full stops, commas, and brackets that form punctuations are to be used very carefully as they can make or break the meaning of a good sentence.

    • Spelling Errors: PTE Academic accepts Australian, Canadian, US, and UK, spelling still the individual needs to be careful with the spellings that they make use of.


Go With Alisha Ielts for Best PTE Classes In Abohar

We tend to focus on the fact that we prepare each and every single aspirant that comes to us for learning and improving their proeficiency in the english language. That’s why choosing Alisha Ielts as your partner for taking PTE classes in abohar will for sure be the first step towards reaching your destination. The students testimonials that we have got till now are the real proof that how far we have come as the leader as the most recommended PTE Coaching Institute In Abohar.

All of our faculty members are Highly skilled in each of their work and a very unique teaching methodology is adopted by them to train all the candidates that come to us for learning and taking their english proficiency to the next level. The one to one sessions that are conducted by our end also help the candidates that comes to us for clearing their PTE exam. The study material provided by us is very comprehensively prepared in order to make it easier for all the candidates to grasp each and every concept regarding the exam.

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